The Best Compliment
we can receive is a Referral from our
Happy customers !
If you are happy with our service,
why not refer yakkaspace to a company
who is in need of IT services?
You recommend a company to yakkaspace
we set up an appointment
We provide you a Gift card worth 2000
If we won a business from your referrals,
we double the Reward with
10% discount in your next month invoice

How it Works?

You can qualify if you are a businessowner or a employee of business we serve.
The individual who submits the referral will receive 2000 reward from HDFC Gift card once the appointment with referral  is confirmed.
The reward amount will be doubledonce the referral client signs the official agreement for project confirmation.
Simply fill out the Referral Form
We'll take it up from there!
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We promise that we will maintain strict confidentiality of your data and promise not to share any kind your information to third party vendors and partners.