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The objective of the FREE Network audit will study your existing networking set-up that will include network conflicts, network security loopholes and other potential risks related to systems interconnected  with networking infrastructure.


The report will only identify critical vulnerabilities, security loopholes, network conflicts and potential failures in your existing network, but will not outline recommended steps to resolve the network issues

What is
Covered in Audit ?
Check your backups
Look for malware and viruses in the system
Identify Hardware
Identify under performing hardware
Misconfigured or pirated software
Diagnose Network  Speed
Diagnose network speed and redundant network
What you
Get From Audit ?
Health Checkup
Server health checkup
Workstation health checkup
Workstation health checkup
System health checkup
System health checkup
Security vulnerability reports
Security vulnerability reports
Warranty status
Warranty status of all existing hardware & software
System and Driver upgrades
System and Driver upgrades
Network Audit

Our network audit will diagnose and recommend corrective action to repair and fix critical issues & vulnerabilities that can turn into unexpected downtime and expensive repair costs.