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Collaboration Solutions

The collaboration includes Audio Visual solutions and IP telephony.

Audio Visual Solutions

We provider properly integrated solutions which enable your team to work efficiently. We provide a complete package of project management for making the communication process easier.

Without any intrusion, our audio visual solution helps in the flow of idea. Our services include board room solutions, conference rooms, learning centres etc.

AV Design

Our Audio visuals are designed in such a way that it satisfies not only your current requirements but also scalable for future updates. Our AV design is suitable for all types of industries, and effort is taken for maximum utility of the system.

AV Installation

We have a dedicated team with the seamless installation techniques headed by the project managers who play an important role in infrastructure.

AV Managed Services

We take care of the entire maintenance of your audio-visual equipment and our services include cleaning, inspecting, updating firmware and making adjustments.

Easy Maintenance

No need to worry about security and updates, the cloud provider is responsible for hardware and software.

Maximum uptime and zero risk failure

As there are many servers connected if one fails the other server takes the charge.

IP Telephony

To simplify network management we help you with extended voice communication services at all your employees. We help you with multimedia solutions, IP Security solutions, data switching and routing solution.

Communication Solution

Everyone needs a collaborative communication solution for round the clock connectivity to have office experience while working in the home. To enhance business productivity and increase customer engagement, we provide real-time features of video calling and email- integration

Hybrid Communicaiton

For the optimal usage of IT infrastructure, we combined IT and  Analog to meet the oscillating requirements. Our Hybrid communication solution helps in cost reduction and increased staff productivity. It also helps in effective resource utilization.It also supports upcoming devices and supports new-age technology and helps in deriving the maximum out of existing infrastructure.

Multi locations

Forming a virtual network between all the systems, we offer seamless communication between offices and long-distance calls. We provide one-touch calling session to all the users irrespective of their working locations. Our motive is to improve staff efficiency and reduce the cost of telephony calls.

Reduced Cost

Saving cost by reducing transmission times.

Maximum uptime and zero risk failure

Satisfy all the computing requirements and can deliver their benefits for all clients.

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid cloud is a combination of both private and public cloud and transmission of data happen within them. It does not allow any third party to access the data and helps to scale the business. It is more cost-efficient than the private cloud.

Cost Benefits

Organisation pay only for the cloud part of their infrastructure and hence money is saved.


Centralised private infrastructure is obtained.


Satisfies requirements of data handling.

Workload Management

Easy workload management

Maximum uptime and zero risk failure

Satisfy all the computing requirements and can deliver their benefits for all clients.

Why US ?

To make an effective business decision, To avoid unnecessary delays and distractions, all you need is a perfectly integrated audio-visual system. Choose us, then you are in safe hands.

To maintain the business flow

To reduce call costs inside and outside the office

To enhance workforce collaboration


Electrical and Civil building codes have adhered to the best manner.